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Meet Pixel

The precision engineered Pixel family from Google

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Chromebook Pixel

More power and speed are at the top of everyone’s list. Now you can have both with the fastest Chromebook around. 16GB of RAM, a battery life of up to 13 hours on a single charge, and a high-res 239ppi display give you more to work with at your fingertips.

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Pixel C

A whole new approach to the tablet experience, Pixel C brings together the benefits of a full-size keyboard with the portability of a tablet. At 308ppi and at multiple display angles, it also delivers brilliant resolution any way you look at it.

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It runs in the family

Made by Google

From initial idea to final product and every detail in between, Google created the Pixel family with new hardware advancements that run on our latest software.

Pixel perfect graphics

With some of the best graphic chips and highest pixel densities on the market, Pixel delivers crisper images (and more wow) when gaming, streaming and browsing.

Precision engineered

Designed with simplicity in mind, meaning minimal ports and tight tolerances in each aluminum body construction. Both form and function are sleek and streamlined.


Pixel features the USB Type-C port that sets new standards for charging and data transfer. It’s an innovation even your future mobile devices will be compatible with.

Plug into the new industry standard

Among the first of its kind, USB Type-C turns one reversible port into a faster, smarter, more powerful hub. With a single universal charger for both the Chromebook Pixel and the Pixel C, the USB Type-C port transfers data and charges up devices quickly, too.


Display Port



Pixel for a reason

Over 4 million pixels. That’s a lot of pixels per inch and one of the highest pixel densities available on the market. Simply put, the Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C screens deliver a vivid and more true-to-life picture when gaming, streaming and browsing.

Designed to precision

Minimal ports and tight tolerances in the construction of each device’s aluminum body mean that each Pixel we build is precisely designed model after model.

  • *Chromebook Pixel wallpaper shown © 2013 Digital Globe, Google Maps.